Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Perfect B&W Mobile App for iPhone & iPad

onOne Software announces Perfect BW for iPhone and iPad Coming Soon by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
onOne Software has announced Perfect B&W for iPhone® and iPad®, its first mobile photo effects app.  We are excited for the ability to create and share stunning black and white images wherever we are with our Apple® mobile devices.  With our success built around the desktop Perfect Photo Suite softtware, we are excited to join onOne Software in the mobile world of apps!

The one-tap presets in Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad let you instantly get the looks of such renowned photographers such as Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson, add the clarity and sharpness of HDR images, infuse the romance of vintage Hollywood, and more. They match presets available in onOne Software’s desktop version of Perfect B&W, letting users create the same look for their photos, regardless of the device.

For mobile photographers who want finer control, Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad has advanced options for adding or adjusting glows, sharpening, toners, vignettes and more. Once a user has dialed in that special look, it can be saved as a preset that can be used again and again.

Key Features of Perfect B&W for iPhone & iPad
  • One-Tap Presets: Start with a collection of 18 presets that mimic classic black-and white photo techniques and toning processes. These presets can be previewed and applied on an image taken with the built-in camera, or instantly added to an image from the Camera Roll with a single tap. These presets match ones also found in onOne Software’s desktop version of Perfect B&W, making it easy for users to get the same styling, whether they’re on their iPhone, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer.
  • Advanced Adjustment Controls: Users can create their own monochromatic look with touch-sliders that adjust levels of brightness, contrast and detail; add the effect of color filters; replicate the look of sepia, copper, cyanotype, and selenium toners; and add grain, glow, vignettes, and more.
  • Save a Personal Preset: If a user makes personal adjustments to an existing preset or creates a unique look from scratch, they can save it as a preset, to use again and again.
  • In-App Camera: The convenient built-in camera integrates essential iOS camera tools, such as Auto Flash, AE/AF Lock, volume button shutter release, and utilizes both the standard and front-facing cameras. 

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The app also includes the following features to help improve composition and image capture:
  • Live Preview: See your scene on your screen in black and white so you can stylize it on the spot. The Live Preview lets you see how a preset looks on your subject so you can select your favorite look before you even fire.
  • Rule of Thirds Grid: Select to show a 3x3 grid on your screen while you’re shooting so you can align your shot and create the right composition.
  • Shooting Modes: Choose between the Single Shot and Continuous Shooting modes. The Single Shot lets you take a picture and immediately start editing, while the Continuous Shooting mode lets you capture multiple shots, so you don’t miss a photo opp.
  • Auto Save Color: You can also keep a color version of each picture you take. Both the color and black and white versions will be saved into your Camera Roll for convenient, anytime access.
  • Social Media Sharing: Share your black and white masterpiece with friends, family, and fans by posting them directly to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or send them via email—straight from the Perfect B&W for iPhone or iPad.

Perfect B&W for iPhone and iPad will be available on the Apple App Store in mid-April. It will
be priced at $1.99.  We'll be sure to announce when it is available on the Apple App Store!  We can't wait to have the versatility of mobile & desktop versions of one of our favorite software applications.

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