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Are You Stuck in 8X10-Land?

Are You Stuck in 8X10-Land? Bonus Material iPhone 4/4s/5 Wallpaper Downloads by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
The audacity of our clients assuming they can 'lift' an image off our social media or portfolio website to put on their mobile phone OR WORSE - on their own social media.  They simply don't understand copyrights and assume its OK.  (Yes, that was dripping with sarcasm...)

Are you going to ask them to take it down?  Pay for the image?  Oh boy, that is a sure-fire way to start a sxxt-storm in social media feeds.  And to prosecute, it will take a lot of money from our own pocket and time off your hands.  So what do you do?  You just wallow in your own self-pity, and let it go.  No, you choose to do something about it, but what?

We live in a different world of youthful social media and technology savvy grandparents, have you stepped into the future with your own photography business or are you stuck in 8X10-land?

It doesn't take long browsing social media to realize that most people don't understand sizing and pixels per inch.  You find coarsely pixelated photos or obvious improperly sized photos that only show part of the image.  (We are sorry, Mr. Jobs for offending your retina.)

How much more could you add to your bottom line if you offered a social media or wallpaper package to your clients?  Think about it.  The little bit of extra work associated with re-sizing photos and with commonly available PSD templates, the little bit of extra work may pay off.

You could offer:

  • A Facebook package that includes a FB cover photo, profile photograph, and a timeline photo to your high school seniors
  • For your clients that are business owners, package together standardized web photo sizes for their website along with common banner sizes they can use for advertising their business
  • For your landscape or nature photography business, package common wallpaper sizes for desktops, iPads, and iPhones along with your print options for purchase along with your canvas and print options

The possibilities are infinite and may just allow you to break into a new group of fanatic followers.  Think of how many times you've looked at something on someone else's phone or iPad.  You noticed their wallpaper, right?  What an advertising opportunity, as well as a money maker.

Don't get stuck in 8X10-land.  Reach out to the potential of social media and the technology savvy world we live in by offering different media packages to your clients.

As we write this article, we are in the process of completing a set of common wallpaper sizes of our most popular photographs to add to our own portfolio site. (Right, practice what you preach!)  And to add to the bottom line by having them available for purchase at a nominal price.  So keep watching for more info.

And as a bonus, we've include links below to an iPhone wallpaper on us!  It's a redo of our popular, OVIS CANADENSIS photograph for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.  We hope you enjoy.

Download the iPhone 4/4s wallpaper here.  (960 X 640 pixels at 326 pixels per inch)
Download the iPhone 5 wallpaper here.  (1136X640 pixels at 326 pixels per inch)

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