Monday, July 16, 2012

Review of Easy Release: Model & Property Releases Mobile App

Easy Release by ApplicationGap replaces inconvenient paper release forms with a streamlined mobile application designed by professional photographers for professional photographers. We highly recommend this application for any professional or aspiring photographer.

This product review for Easy Release is being done because we have found a great model/property release mobile application that fits into our work flow - not because we got a free copy or we are being paid by ApplicationGap to promote this product. We paid $9.99 for this application, just like everyone else!

Easy Release by ApplicationGap

We HATE carrying around all that paper for model & property releases.  We can never keep it pristine looking when we are schlepping around our gear, and it makes us look unprofessional sometimes controlling all the flying paper.  Then we happened upon Easy Release, for us personally, an Android application that worked on our phone and Samsung tablet.  It is also available for iPhone and iPad. 

It is a professional-grade product that can be created on your mobile device via a wizard-style interface including signatures on the touch screen.  This application allows for embedding a picture of the model or property right into the release form.  For those doing multiple models in one shooting, this helps keep everyone straight when you are back processing the shoot on the computer. 

Easy Release by ApplicationGap Model Property Release Application by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
Easy Release by ApplicationGap Standard Release Form w/Signatures & Photo Capture of Model/Property

The standard form is approved by stock photo agencies like Getty Images, iStockPhoto, and Alamy amongst others.  A PDF of the release (or an optional JPEG) can be emailed to you and the model immediately upon signing.  We also like the ability to add a customized addendum to the release form, to cover any local or state laws.  Or another option is the ability to create your own custom release form built around the standard release with your previously approved language. 

Other items we found of particular interest were the ability to add in our own logo, business name, contact info, and settings before every opening a new release.  Easy Release also comes with releases in 13 languages, so if you are in a foreign country - you're covered!  Release languages include English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Chinese (Simplified and Taiwan), Portuguese (Brazilian or European), and Japanese.

The flow is easily facilitated after set-up by the wizard interface.  We would highly suggest filling out the preliminary information before getting to the shoot.  Easy Release allows the saving of partially complete releases so you can return later to complete.  Once complete, you can easily walk the model through the release on the mobile device, have the model & witness sign either with their finger or stylus, and embed a photo with your mobile device before creating the PDF of the final release.

Easy Release by ApplicationGap Model Property Release Application by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
Easy Release by ApplicationGap - wizard interface is easy to use

Other technical and integrity items we found useful within Easy Release include that in the iOS version (which have for our iPhone) the UI is localized for 6 different languages.  Upon trying to change any item in a completed release form, you will be prompted that any changes will require new signatures and photos.  Another feature we enjoyed was the ability to copy the previous model release info when creating a new release, so you only have to change the pertinent info for the model.  And unlike other applications we've seen, you have the ability to set your settings for either auto-deleting old completed releases, or keeping them until you choose to manually delete them. 

Easy Release by ApplicationGap Model Property Release Application by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
Easy Release by ApplicationGap - signatures captured graphically, picture of model, and time/date stamped for integrity

The one downfall we found was specific to the Android version.  The Advanced Customization Pro-Pack that is available on the iOS version is not available for Android as of today.  This additional package allows you to define multiple brands for your application (i.e. if you have personal vs. corporate photography needs for releases).

This application can be purchased in it's Android version here or in its iOS version here

Overall, Dakota Visions Photography, LLC is proud to give a glowing review of Easy Release.  We've found it easy to use, suitable for easy customization, and extremely professional in delivery of signed releases to models/property owners. 

If you have any comments about this application, please feel free to leave a comment below and we'll follow up with you.  Read it - share it.  We'll see you behind the lens...