First of all, welcome and thank you for spending time with us. We hope you found something that took your breath away, stopped you in your tracks, and reminded you the beauty surrounding us was designed by a higher authority.

"Life is like a good black and white photograph, there's black, there's white, and lots of shades in between." -Karl Heiner

All of my photographs are available for purchase in multiple print sizes and formats including memorabilia and mounted gallery fotoflots. Simply click the 'Buy' button or shopping cart icon when viewing any individual image when viewing the Dakota Visions Photography Homepage. If you are interested in a certain size or format that is not listed when ordering, please contact me.

Each photograph is also available as a digital download, with licensing options for commercial print and royalty free uses.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." –Imogen Cunningham

The history of Dakota Visions Photography, LLC is one of three's: three stories, three principles, and three people. So please indulge my literary stumbles, and hopefully you find the stories captivating.

Passion and my father: 

The story starts with a man growing up of simple means, yet complex situations forming his extraordinary principles that he chose to pass along to all his children. It started in the prairies and hills that I now call home - Western South Dakota. That man - my father, sometime in junior high, presented my brother and I cameras, a Pentax K1000 and a Pentax ME super (which I still pull out the ME super for those special moments that a digital camera just can't capture). The passion for photography was created...I was hooked, in fact - addicted. To look through that viewfinder and capture a moment of time, to steal a millisecond from the universe that no one could take away from you, to freeze a memory forever on a piece of photographic paper that could be shared - that passion was ignited. All this from a man that collected hundreds of antique cameras, but he couldn't take a picture with any of them if his life depended on it. But when he saw the passion - he continued to fuel the fire by allowing opportunities, providing encouragement, and supplying product for the addiction. For that, father, I am eternally grateful.

An additional note about my father is that a percentage of the profits from Dakota Visions Photography, LLC will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association ( www.alz.org ). My father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, so the capturing of memories has taken on new meaning. Join me in the fight to end this disease, for the life you save may not only be yours, but it may be mine.

Ability to overcome and my mother: 

My mother, who came from these same prairies and hills, saw some sort of ability, or maybe it was a passion for the arts she saw. She dragged me to piano lessons, vocal lessons, and private art lessons (yes, ART lessons!) But for that I am grateful as well, because you see - I am red/green colorblind. Those art lessons helped me identify the shades of the colors that I was missing. When people hear that I am partially colorblind, they are amazed to see the pictures that come out of the camera. The ability to overcome, to adapt to our surroundings, to survive when others think we shouldn't - this is my mother's legacy to me.

Vision and my best friend: 

Well, now you know why there needs to be someone else involved with my photography adventure! Someone needs to help with any color adjustments to the final photographs, but there has been so much more. Almost a year ago, Dakota Visions Photography, LLC was just a dream made up of a lifetime of photographs, but my friend helped focus this dream into a detailed vision. From choosing the name of the company (which took FOREVER by the way), to pouring over the composition and color of a photograph, to allowing time to take photographs as we drive around Western South Dakota - he has been a driving force in helping me focus in on the vision. He is as much a part of Dakota Visions Photography, LLC as the man behind the lens. And most importantly, he is there to slap me across the back of the head, and focus me back on the vision when I need it...

So thank you for indulging my verbose description of Dakota Visions Photography, LLC - the passion, the ability to overcome, and the vision. We hope you enjoy your time here and we hope to see you time and time again. Keep coming back to see how the galleries change and mature. Again, thank you for visiting us online.

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." -Ansel Adams

We'll see you behind the lens...
Richard S
Owner, Dakota Visions Photography LLC

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