Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pinterest: It's All About the IMAGE!

If you haven't figured it out by now, Pinterest is one of our favorite social media channels.  Our Social-Graphics board has over 3,100+ followers and 100's of thousands of interactions.  One of our pins has had close to 1,800 re-pins!  This visually oriented, super social channel allows you to connect with your more visually oriented clients.  It's a perfect tool for inspiration, or even sharing design ideas with potential clients before a contract is signed.

If you are just starting out on Pinterest, you may find it intimidating.  On Pinterest, the brand or the person doing the pinning is not the most important piece of the puzzle - it's the pin!  Pinterest puts the almost all of the importance on the image itself.

This concept carries all throughout Pinterest.  Just because you have re-pinners, doesn't always equate into followers.  While those of us in graphic design and photography don't have much problem with being visual, some businesses may have this problem.  Do you get it?  Pinterest is all about the science of the image.  And last but not least, depending upon your clientele, most men just don't get Pinterest.

So whether you are just starting out on Pinterest or whether you are a seasoned pro looking to extend your marketing reach, this infographic from QuickSprout will help increase your engagement on Pinterest.

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Pinterest: It's All About the IMAGE #Infographic - How to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement by 275%

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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