Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Get $50, $150, or over $10,000 in Facebook Advertising

Facebook has been rolling out a lot of new features in front of their upcoming IPO.  But you may be thinking, how does that affect me as a small business owner - especially a photographer?  Many of our Facebook friends and blog readers already have a Facebook page as well as their personal page.  If you already have a page or have thought about setting one up, but need some incentive - then keep reading.

Small business owners, located in the United States, that manage a page on Facebook can enter a contest called the Small Business Boost that through interactive growth can lead to an opportunity to win $10,000 in free advertising dollars!  There is an app that is available on the Facebook Marketing Solutions page - but wait, continue reading for an additional opportunity before signing up for this contest. 

The Small Business Boost is available for pages that are located in the United States and have at least 50 Likes on their page when they sign up for the contest.  If you meet all the Facebook criteria for the contest as described on their Marketing Solutions page, you will receive a $50 credit in your page's funding source account.  Pages that gain 100 new Likes by April 1, 2012 will earn another $100 ad credit.  And, if you are one of the top 10 businesses with the most Likes added during the contest, you may win $10,000 in free advertising credits.  See the Facebook Marketing Solutions page for complete contest details.

Additional hints:  Make sure that you have an address (at least city/state) on your Facebook page so that eligibility can be determined.  Once you select the page (you are only eligible for one regardless of how many pages you admin) and submit your entry, it may take Facebook from 2 hours up to 7 days to respond via email about your application.  From the acceptance email, you will click on a link that takes you to the ad creation page.  Once your advertisement is created, the coupon will be applied.

Before you sign up, I want to make sure you have the chance for even more free advertising.  If you have never advertised on Facebook before, you have the opportunity to gain the $50 advertising credit for new advertisers.  But, you must sign up for this credit before you sign up for the Small Business Boost contest or you will not be eligible.   Once you have advertised on Facebook, this promotion is no longer available.  This initial advertising credit may help you gain your first 50 Likes on your page to become eligible for the Small Business Boost contest.

Does it work to advertise on Facebook?  We were able to turn our first $50 free advertising credit as a new advertiser into 125 Likes with a focused marketing plan including age, interests, page preferences, and physical location.  We will continue to post articles on how to advertise in the correct manner on Facebook so your likes don't devalue.  With about half of our Small Business Boost $50 credit, we have been able to additionally add another 125 Likes.  But again, this was with a focused marketing plan for the advertisements.

We hope you are encouraged by the fact that there are free advertising dollars available to small businesses within the United States provided by Facebook.  To take advantage of these opportunities follow our links above and make sure you read through all the rules. 

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  1. Great article Richard! I have yet to try Facebook advertising, but love the ability to focus my marketing.


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