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Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Glass Typography

This mid-level text effect tutorial in Adobe Photoshop and the matching print screens were created in Photoshop CS6/CC.  This effect is commonly used in typography design projects.  It contains step-by-step instructions on how to create a glossy glass text, which can be saved as a PSD file and used at any time for future projects.

The finished product you will be creating from this tutorial:

Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Glass Text #typography

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

Glossy Glass Text Effect

Step 1:
Create your text in a new Photoshop file.  In this example, we use Tahoma - Bold.

Step 1 - Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Glass Text | Tahoma #typography

Step 2:
Open a new Layer Style for Bevel & Emboss.

Within the Structure section, choose the Inner Bevel with the Smooth Technique.  The depth should be set around 70% - we used 72% in this example.  The direction should be Up in a size of roughly 3px.
Note: Some items in this tutorial depend on the final size of your typography and can be adjusted as needed. 

Within the Shading portion of Bevel & Emboss, the Angle is set to 120 degrees.  The altitude is set at 65% and the Gloss Contour is set to a custom Chrome setting that we use.  We call it Glossy Shine/Chrome. make sure the Anti-aliased box is checked.  (Note: By clicking on your Gloss Contour box display photo, not the drop down arrow, you will be able to create your own glossy contour settings.)

The Highlight Mode is set at 100% pure white in Screen mode.  The Shadow Mode is set to Multiply pure black at 70%. 

Step 2 - Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Glass Text #typography #bevelemboss

Step 3:
Continue in the Layer Style/Bevel & Emboss by checking the Contour style.  We have created our own Custom Preset for this as seen below.  Make sure to have your Anti-aliased setting on and the Range around 20-25%.

Step 3 - Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Glass Text #typography #contour

Step 4:
Open the Layer Style/Stroke.  The Stroke Structure should be roughly 1px, centered in Normal Blend Mode with an Opacity of 100%.

We have created a Darker Gloss Gradient Preset to Align with Layer in a Shape Burst Style.  The angle on this should be 0 degrees at a Scale of 100%.

Step 4 - Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Glass Text #typography #strokelayer

Step 5:
Open the Layer Style/Inner Glow to a Normal Blend Mode set at 15% Opacity with 0% Noise.  Use a white gradient as shown below.  

The Element Technique should be changed to Precise Edge with a Choke of 0% and Size of 3px.  

The Quality is set to a Conical Contour with the Anti-aliased setting selected.  The Range is set to 90% with Jitter at 0%.

Step 5 - Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Glass Text #typography #innerglow

Step 6:  
Open the Layer Style/Drop Shadow set at Multiply Blend Mode.  The Opacity should be set at 90% at an angle of 140 degrees.  (This is not a mistake from the earlier 120 degree setting in the Bevel & Emboss Layer Style.  This offset helps provide the glass refraction feel.)

Again, depending upon the size of your text, you may need to vary the Distance, Spread, and Size shown in the reference print screen below.  Use these numbers as a rough guide.  

The Quality Contour should be set as noted below, Anti-aliased with 0% Noise.  When using this with other layers in your project, make note to have the Layer Knocks Out Drop Shadow selected.

Step 6 - Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Glass Text #typography #dropshadow

At this time, your Glossy Glass Text Effect is complete.  If you save this as a PSD file at this time, you can recreate this text for any design project in the future.  All you have to do is add in your other layers as needed!  

Final Step - Layers - Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Glass Text #typography

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