Thursday, December 5, 2013

Perfect Photo Suite 8: Getting Started Video

Have you checked out Perfect Photo Suite 8 yet?  If not, get the lowdown by reading, "Perfect Photo Suite 8: It's Here".  If you've already purchased it, you may be totally stoked about using it - but it's still a pain in the butt to learn new software.

onOne Software and Liz LePage have come to the rescue by creating a great beginner's tutorial video on YouTube called "Getting Started in Perfect Photo Suite 8 with Liz LePage".  For those of you that have used Perfect Photo Suite before, you may find it a little light on content, but it is great for those that are just getting started with the software - or want to look at it in use, before making your own purchase.

If you are having problems accessing the video, please use this link:

Take the time, watch the video.  If you haven't bought your copy of Perfect Photo Suite 8 yet, just press on the banner below to begin your adventure with one of the easiest and robust photography editing software packages on the market!

We not only use this product, but we were willing to become an affiliate with onOne Software to help sell the product.  That's how much we believe in the products and customer service coming from onOne Software!  Don't miss out on this giant leap forward in post-processing software.  This affordable alternative to Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Creative Suite is the best on the market.  Join us by buying your copy of Perfect Photo Suite 8 today!

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