Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sometimes you feel like a nut... Psychedelic Tulip in the Wind

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't...

Sorry, I know you'll be singing that all day now, but it kind of fits my mood.  Was just playing around a bit with the Topaz set of plug-ins along with our favorite onOne Software plug-ins during post-processing of this tulip photograph.

Yes - we may have crossed some boundaries.  OK, enough already - WE RAN OVER THEM WITH A 2-TON TRUCK!  

Is it a painting?  Is it life imitating art?  Or art imitating life?  We just felt like a nice sunny day picture in a psychedelic sort of way.  We hope you enjoy - "Psychedelic Tulip in the Wind".

Psychedelic Tulip in the Wind: On www.seeyoubehindthelens.com by Dakota Visions Photography LLC

And just to see what is making up those "worm like" shapes in the background, here is the side-by-side comparison.

Side by Side Comparison of Psychedelic Tulip in the Wind: Dakota Visions Photography LLC on www.seeyoubehindthelens.com

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by Richard S - Dakota Visions Photography, LLC

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