Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 - Now Available!

onOne Software, Inc® has announced the availability of Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 for Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Apple® Aperture®, and as a standalone application.

The update includes a new Quick View Browser, refinements to the Perfect Brush, tested compatibility with the upcoming Lightroom 5, performance improvements, and general bug fixes. Also included are tools that tackle problems commonly encountered in photo editing—Red Eye reduction tools and a Clone Brush that removes distractions.

The updates in Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 include:

  • Quick View Browser: The Quick View Browser gives users the ability to see all of their images, effects or presets in a full-screen gallery. In Perfect Layers, it makes it easy to browse image folders and quickly navigate through images. In Perfect Effects and Perfect B&W, the Quick View Browser showcases effects or preset categories on an image at one time, making it easy to compare and select amongst them.
  • Perfect Brush Improvements: Refinements have been made to the Perfect Brush to give users even more control. Previously, the Perfect Brush only allowed for continuous sampling of colors under the center of the brush while performing edge-detecting masking. Now, it can lock on a sampled color while masking, which is helpful when brushing through complex areas such as branches and window panes. 
  • Red Eye Reduction Tools: Two solutions for red eye reduction are available in Perfect Photo Suite 7.5. In Perfect Portrait, red eye reduction is built into the automatic face detection feature. In Perfect Layers, the Red Eye tool is available as a brush, which can be dabbed to remove red eyes caused by flash photography. 
  • Clone Brush: The Clone Brush quickly and effectively removes distractions in photos, such as power lines or people. The brush feather and opacity may be adjusted, and any shape or object may simply be painted over.

With continued support for Aperture 2.1 and 3, Photoshop CS6, CS5 and CS4, Lightroom 4, 3, 2 and the upcoming Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC, Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 includes:

  • Perfect Effects 4 extends the creative power offered by the popular PhotoTools and provides even more ways to create images with impact. Perfect Effects 4 delivers an extended library of professional photographic effects, frames and edges accessible from a flexible browser with keyword search functionality and Favorites selection. Blending modes and paint-in brush effects offer even more creative options for how effects are combined and applied.
  • Perfect B&W helps photographers develop stunning black and white images quickly and easily. It includes powerful and intuitive tools that add dramatic, elegant, and classic black and white looks to images instantly and offers users complete creative control to reproduce time-honored black and white processing techniques.
  • Perfect Portrait 2 offers simply power portrait retouching, with automated feature detection and enhancement tools to smooth skin, remove blemishes, brighten eyes and teeth, and correct skin color. Fast processing speeds also allow photographers to retouch images quickly for simply stunning portraits.
  • Perfect Layers 3 gives photographers the ability to combine images and extend their image editing options in a layered file workflow without Photoshop. Users can create and edit multi-layered files with Perfect Layers directly from Lightroom, Aperture or as a standalone application. Also included are blending modes, textures, borders, PNG file support, and the powerful edge-detecting Perfect Brush.
  • Perfect Resize 7.5 is the industry standard for image enlargement. It is renowned across the photographic and printing industries for its ability to increase image size well over 1000% without the loss of sharpness or detail that is normally expected. Proven Genuine Fractals® technology has been applied to algorithms that optimize the clarity and detail of different image types, including mobile snapshots.
  • Perfect Mask 5.2 creates high quality masks quickly and easily with automated functionality and powerful tools that make selecting subjects and isolating backgrounds for removal extraordinarily accurate. 
  • FocalPoint 2 allows photographers to put the focus where they want after the shot. It’s the best way to add the most realistic depth of field and selective focus control to any image after it is photographed. Choose from a selection of lens presets to produce specific bokeh or adjust the amount and kind of blur you want.

Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 is now available from onOne Software. Existing owners of Perfect Photo Suite 7.x are eligible for the update at no additional cost.  For a limited time, new users may purchase the Premium Edition for $199.95 (Reg. price $249.95) or the version for Lightroom & Aperture for $99.95 (Reg. price $149.95). The Standard Edition, which only works as a standalone, is available for $79.95. Owners of previous versions of Perfect Photo Suite can upgrade to the Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 Premium Edition for $99.95 (Reg. price $149.95) or the Lightroom & Aperture Edition for $69.95 (Reg. price $79.95).

The free update for existing Perfect Photo Suite 7.x owners may be downloaded from www.ononesoftware.com/support/suite7. Owners must make sure they are downloading the correct update for the edition they own. There are separate update installers for Perfect Photo Suite 7 Premium Edition, Perfect Photo Suite 7 for Lightroom & Aperture, and Perfect Photo Suite Standard Edition.

We've downloaded our version and encourage you to either upgrade or buy your copy today.  We'll be providing our own review and examples of photography edited in Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 soon!  Stay tuned!  It's a great day to be associated with onOne Software and own Perfect Photo Suite!

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Source: onOne Software Press Release on June 4, 2013
by Richard S - Dakota Visions Photography, LLC

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