Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekly Photography Challenge: 'A' - Antique

For the first week of the See You Behind the Lens Weekly Photography Challenge, we needed to shoot something representing the letter 'A' for our twist on the Alphabet Challenge.  We chose 'A' for 'Antique' and included using the DIY Light Tent from this week's SYBTL helpful hints.  (Fooled you with the apple shot, didn't we!?!)  The antique is a Steky Model III 16 mm Miniature Spy Camera made in Japan from 1950-1952.

Using the DIY Light Tent, we placed the antique on a piece of white muslin for background texture and a sharp, crisp look.  We used two lights on each side of the light tent with no overhead lighting.  We positioned the Steky so the imprint/logo, the Stekinar Anastigmat lens, as well as the model number on top of the camera all showed.  We wanted an exposure under 1 minute and opened the aperture up to get most of the Steky crisply focused, but left some areas a little out of focus for the feeling of depth.  Post-processing included white balance, noise reduction, and a little sharpening to make the model number/Steky logo pop.

Steky Model III 16mm Miniature Spy Camera by Dakota Visions Photography LLC

Antique Specifications:
  • First introduced in 1947 by Riken Kogagu (Richo)
  • Steky : 16mm miniature camera
  • Lens : Stekinar Anastigmat f3.5/25mm
  • Lens mount : Screw-in mount
  • Shutter : two-sector behind-the-lens shutter
  • Shutter speeds : B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100sec.
  • Viewfinder : reverse-Galilean finder
  • Finder magnification : 0.67x
  • Film winding : by film wind knob

Add a comment below and a copy of your photograph if you followed the Weekly Photography Challenge!  Just paste a link from your web album (Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, etc.) into your comment so we can follow you.  We may even ask to show off your photograph in next week's post!  Hope you had fun and got out of 'your photography box'!  We definitely stepped out of our normal wildlife and landscape genre!  But that's what a weekly photography challenge is all about.

So join us next week and be ready to post your pictures on Sunday.  Next week's letter is 'B'.  What to do, what to do...Bokeh?  Buffalo?  How about coming up with the concept of Bulls**t?  We can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! 

See You Behind the Lens...

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