Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wacky Gift Idea - Vintage Camera Pillows

After shooting with my Canon DSLR for so long, I forgot how soft and cushy those old Rolleiflex cameras are.  Wait, huh?! 

Do you have to buy a gift for a photographer's upcoming birthday?  Still need to get that thank you gift for that helper on your last onsite shoot?  Just want a conversation starter for the sofa in your studio entrance?  Here is a great idea then - a vintage camera pillow!  This Etsy seller based in the United States has nine different vintage camera pillows to choose from. 
Wacky Vintage Camera Pillow by Dakota Visions Photography LLC

Wrap up this retro cushion for the photographer in your life today!  Choose from Kodak, Ansco, Amica Eyelux, and more.

As long as you don't fall asleep on your new pillow, we'll See You Behind the Lens...

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