Sunday, October 4, 2015

American Legion Battle Creek Post 303 - Part I Video of July-September, 2015 Construction

American Legion Battle Creek Post 303 has, since its inception, been a hub of our small western South Dakota town. The Post is housed in what began as a wooden floored grocery store. In the mid-1960’s, the outer shell of the then vacant building was raised to replace the rotting floors with a concrete foundation, extending the useful life of the structure. But the old building is approaching the end of its life span and is in need of replacement.

Hence, the building of a new structure has begun. This facility is far more than just the American Legion Post home. The new building will be ADA compliant and include restrooms, meeting area, kitchen facilities and office space. This building will be used by the Senior Citizens, Legion Auxiliary, AA, Boy and Girl Scout organizations, plus other community entities and members as well as the American Legion.

Join us on this journey of creating a new home for American Legion Battle Creek Post 303 in Hermosa, SD.

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