Sunday, May 4, 2014

Part II: Secrets of Killer Blog Post - Content [Infographic]

Note: Don't forget to check out the first part of this series Secrets of a Killer Blog Post

For most bloggers, nothing else can provide the thrill of seeing the Tweets fly, the Likes and Shares soar, and the page views on Google Analytics fly off the chart of your latest post. You've done it - a KILLER BLOG POST!

Whether you are blogging about recipes, photography, graphic design, or even about the cat; the cornerstone of a good blog post is the content.

Everything from the topic you choose to the post's grammar and spelling help define a great blog post. Establishing your credibility with original or curated content is just as important as executing your blog post flawlessly with proper spelling. A killer blog post doesn't just happen by accident.

So it's time to write your next blog post, and you just don't know how to get started? Take a look at the infographic below from Who Is Hosting This? to help get your rolling to your next KILLER BLOG POST!

Part II - Secrets of A Killer Blog Post - Content [Infographic] #Blogging
Content & Source: Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Stay tuned as we look further into writing good blog posts. Part III? Let's talk about those references...

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