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Color, Value & Evolution of Logos Infographic

Why are logos big business for the best brands? Logos are the most valuable intangible asset of a company. In this infographic, Finances Online looks at the color, cost, value, and other trivia about the world’s most famous logos.

A University of Amsterdam study used famous logos without word-marks like McDonald’s or Nike to measure brand recognition in early childhood. The study found out that at 3-5 years old we start to recognize a logo stands for a product and at 7-8 years old we can consistently recall the product that a logo stands for.

Here’s how experts estimate the worth of the world’s most valuable brands.

  • Apple: $104.3 billion
  • Microsoft: $56.7 billion
  • Coca-Cola: $54.9 billion
  • IBM: $50.7 billion
  • Google: $47.3 billion
  • McDonalds: $39.4 billion
  • GE: $34.2 billion
  • Intel: $30.9 billion
  • Samsung: $29.5 billion
  • Louis Vuitton: $28.4 billion

Some of the most iconic logos were conceptualized for millions of dollars employing teams of professional creative directors, art designers, and focus groups.

  • 2012 London  Olympics: $665,400.
    Its creator, Wolff Olins, believes it echoes “London’s qualities of a modern, edgy city.” For millions of critics, it’s a bunch of blocks having a seizure, but it's one the most expensive logos in the world. 
  • Pepsi new logo: $1,000,000.
    The million-dollar logo change in 2008 was criticized to be an Obama logo rip-off.  To warrant the cost, the design agency is rumored to have produced a 27-page document, “Breathtaking Design Strategy,” explaining the new logo replete with references to Da Vinci, yin-yangs, and Mobius strips.
  • BBC new logo: $1.8 M.
    The broadcasting giant straightened up its slanting logo in 1997 to look better onscreen and used Gill Sans script. The typeface was invented by Eric Gill, an English typeface designer (1882-1940) who was the key sculptor for the original BBC edifice in 1932. 

Some famous logos cost nothing

  • Microsoft: The redesign was developed by an in-house design team in 2012 and the first in 25 years for the company. Design experts said it would have cost between $250-500,000 had a branding firm did it. 
  • Google: The original logo was created by Google co-founder Sergey Brin on the free graphics program, GIMP. He’s said to be proud of it – not the design, but the fact that he’s able to use GIMP, a fairly difficult program to use.
  • Coca-Cola: The original logo was created by the company’s co-founder and bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson, who suggested that the two Cs would look good in advertising. Today, Forbes estimates the Coke brand value to be $78.4 B.

Other logos cost a few bucks

  • Twitter: $15.
    Twitter bought this logo from iStockphoto. The artist, Simon Oxley, is said to have received $6. Design professionals charge about $500 to $5,000 for one design, depending on a number of factors including level of expertise, project specifications, client demand, and turnaround time.  Its latest logo, a simplified bird version, is created from overlapping circles.
  • Nike: $35.
    Nike co-founder Phil Knight offered a graphic design student in1971 to create charts, graphs, and, eventually, the famous swoosh after learning the student needed money to buy oil paints. On seeing the swoosh for the first time, Knight didn’t like it but hoped “it would grow on him.”

We hope you enjoy this infographic about the color, value and evolution of logos.  Feel free to comment, like and share via the social share buttons.

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