Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Are Your Photos Getting Shared Online? [Infographic]

Choosing the right place to put your photos online to make sure they get shared is a scary proposition.  Did you know women are more likely than men to use Pinterest, while Instagram and Tumblr attract equal shares of men and women?

In fact, here are some of the latest statistics for 2013 Social Media use (facts and figures from the GlobalWebIndex Q1 2013 study):
1.  Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the world by active users. (Tweet me!)
2.  Twitter's fastest growing age demographic is 55-65 year olds. (Tweet me!)
3.  Facebook has 1.1 billion monthly active users. (Tweet me!)
4.  Facebook has 665 million daily active users. (Tweet me!)
5.  Google+ remains the number 2 social platform in the world with 359 million monthly active users. (Tweet me!)
What this all means is that you have to make sure that you post your photos in the right place using social media. Read the latest infographic from Muvee to learn more.

Are your photos getting shared?

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