Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photoshop Actions and My Fuzzy Memory

Sometimes it's worth just horseing around!  This is actually the 3rd shot to a series that I took to photostitch together, but decided to load a couple new Photoshop actions from a recent download session before getting to my 'real' work.  And lo and behold, it hit me - I hadn't really played with any of the default Photoshop actions!  So after a long stretch of perusing the vast world of Adobe Photoshop action settings, I came across what I felt was a nice rendition of my memory.  Often it's fuzzy - rarely crisp, colorful - but sometimes grey and hazy, but just clear enough to let me remember why I felt a certain way. 

So today...hop into my head and come back to Spearfish Canyon with me during the beautiful fall color run. 
Photoshop Actions Used on Fall Colors in Spearfish Canyon by Dakota Visions Photography, LLC

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