Thursday, January 17, 2013

Angel's Snow

In Custer State Park this weekend, an amazing photograph unveiled itself to us while the gentle snow fell - Angel's Snow.  It was like the angels were placing each snowflake into place, and allowing that soft glow of a daytime snowfall to shine through.  Crisp, fresh air along with freshly fallen snow in windless conditions laid the beautiful scene.  We hope you enjoy as much as we did in that moment in time.  Peace, quiet, serenity, and nature all wrapped into one.  We felt the wings of angels...

snowfall, custer state park, perfect photo suite 7, adobe lightroom, black hills photography

This photograph was processed using a combination of Lightroom 4 cropping with noise reduction and Perfect Photo Suite 7 applying Amazing Detail, The Look, and Angel Glow. 

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  1. Absolutely lovely, Richard, what a terrific photograph!

    1. Thanks so much Sir Toad. Coming from you that means a lot my friend. Thanks for the encouragement!


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