Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T4T: Darren White and Best of Pinterest

Two for Tuesday - our time to pass along the two websites that caught our attention this week. We hope you enjoy these links and encourage you to visit these sites.

As always, we have written permission to post and take a screen shot of these websites from the owners. So onto the picks - here is our Two for Tuesday sites for you to dawdle the day away with...

Portfolio/Gallery - Darren White Photography

Fine art landscapes of the Pacific Northwest are Darren's feature photographs, but interestingly enough - it was his Random and Misc Photography gallery that caught our attention the most!  A lonely winding forest road, a beautiful barn scape, and a fabulous flower bud about to bloom from the darkness drew us into the rest of his site. 

Darren White Photography - http://darrenwhitephotography.com/

We suggest you spend time in his The Night Sky Gallery for amazing photographs of wind turbines in the night sky and the Milky Way flirting with the mountains.  Darren's eye for detail, the night sky, and the amazing color in the ordinary set him apart in his landscape photography.  His work has been featured in magazines with names like, Popular Photography!  We applaud Darren and continue to follow him through his social media presence on Google+ , where we first ran across him.  Keep up the amazing work, Darren!

Photography Blog - Well, how do you call Pinterest a blog...?  When you have a invitation only curated "Best of Pinterest Photographers" Board...

Whether you have joined the Pinterest phenomena with the other 12 million monthly unique visitors or not, you can't deny it's presence in the photographic world.  Arguments about copyright law set aside, the Best of Pinterest Photographers board is posts by invitation only and posted by the photographer themselves.  It is a great place to see what other people around the world are photographing and the styles that they are developing in.  Over 200 photographers joined and over 1,000 photographs for your perusing pleasure. 

Why did I choose to put it in our blog feature?  Pinterest is generating more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined.  It's a great learning opportunity from a variety of worldwide photographers all in one place.  With over 3,000 followers of the board, it's a great visual expressway to get your work noticed in a very, visual social media format.  And, it's a great learning tool on how photograph posts on this social media site work.

Check out http://farbspiel-photo.com/connect/pinterest-photographers and join, if you dare!  Do you have what it takes?  We double-dog dare you!

These are our picks for this T4T Tuesday post! We hope you enjoyed the sites that we've found for you and spend some time this week getting to know them. Stop by their sites, add them to your Google+ circles, or give them a like on Facebook. Spread the word about the great works that are out there just waiting to be found...

And while you are at it, join us on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ , or sneak a peek at our own photography on Dakota Visions Photography, LLC. Until next time, we'll see you behind the lens...

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