Tuesday, March 27, 2012

T4T - Two for Tuesday: A Tutu and Valérie

Two for Tuesday - our time to pass along the two websites that caught our attention this week. We hope you enjoy these links and encourage you to visit these sites.

As always, we have written permission to post and take a screen shot of these websites from the owners. So onto the picks - here is our Two for Tuesday sites for you to lallygag around with tonight...

Portfolio/Gallery - The Tutu Project, Images by Bob Carey

The best compliment that you can provide to a photographer is - 'Your images moved me...'  Bob, your images should move a generation of individuals.  Whether it's laughter or, whether it's tears - your photography carries the power of your family's story, and helps each of us to relate to that story we hold dear about a loved one fighting the battle of breast cancer.

The Tutu Project - Images by Bob Carey:  www.thetutuproject.com

This Brooklyn photographer began The Tutu Project in 2003 as a way to express himself but it swiftly moved into an expression of his wife Linda's battle with breast cancer.  A quote from his web page for the project hit a chord that we can not go without sharing, "...her cancer has taught us that life is good, dealing with it can be hard, and sometimes the very best thing - no, the only thing - we can do to face another day is to laugh at our ourselves, and share a laugh with others."

We highly encourage you to check out his amazing photography and share this project with others.

Photography Blog - Valérie Jardin's Blog

This French borne artist caught our eye recently because of her Photo Workshop, "Experience Paris Through Your Lens" coming in October.  We have recently been looking around for a 'work-cation' to head back to Europe for, and we definitely have her listed as one of our options.  Now we just have to wait to see if it's a tax 'return' or a tax 'empty-your-pockets' type of year!

Valérie Jardin's Blog - http://valeriejardin.wordpress.com

Valérie originally caught our attention as a guest writer for Digital Photography School's website and it was enough that, we began to look at her original work.  Her blog is full of 'Interesting Faces' and 'Bigger than Life' images.  The images that most struck out at our heart strings, were from "Traveling back to 1860 farm life in the Midwest..."  The sepia-toned series from a working farm brought us back to times of simpler life, and memories from the farm. 

We hope you delve into her blog and photographs, check out her international photo workshops, and become a fan of hers, as we are now.  Keep up the great work, Valérie!

These are our picks for this T4T Tuesday post! We hope you enjoyed the sites that we've found for you and spend some time this week getting to know them. Stop by their sites, add them to your Google+  circles, or give them a like on Facebook. Spread the word about the great works that are out there just waiting to be found...
And while you are at it, join us on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ , or sneak a peek at our own photography on Dakota Visions Photography, LLC. Until next time, we'll see you behind the lens...

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