Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly Photography Challenge: 'J' - Jump & Just Because...

This week's photography challenge alphabet letter was 'J'.  We are going to go with 'Jump''Just because...'  (Hey now, it's our challenge and we can bend the rules when we want to!)  We just got back from a four hour excursion through the Black Hills of South Dakota that included hiking 3 miles with our camera.  We were originally thinking 'J' is for John Deere, juniper, or something in a junkyard.  But our day out for a hike turned into a four hour trip through heaven and we just had to share it with you.

Let's start with 'Jump'...  We saw this gal trying to get across the fence and quick grabbed the camera.  To our dismay, she didn't think she could make it - so she fiddled for a while, but then...jump!

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Ewe in Custer State Park by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
Luck o'the Irish!  Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep ewe jumping a fence.

Then there are the photographs we took - just because...

White Tailed Deer in Custer State Park by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
A game of hide-and-seek with a white-tailed deer

Pine Trees Growing in Granite in Custer State Park by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
Just from pure rock.

Buffalo Bison Mountain Bluebird in Custer State Park by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
The Mountain Bluebirds are here - it must be spring!

Now don't you agree we had every right to break the rules?!  Sometimes, you just have to take a camera with you, just because...  Sometimes, you have to take a picture because you want to - not just because it will sell.  Sometimes, you have to share the beauty in the world around you - just because...  And when you get done with a day of the camera in your hand because you want it to be there - you'll know, just because...

Spearfish Canyon Snow Reflections Black Hills Photography by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
Spearfish Canyon - Iron Creek

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We'll see you behind the lens...

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