Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly Photography Challenge: 'M' The Mega Millions Winner!

We are one of the MegaMillions winners so we took a pictures of the ticket!  Ya think?!  Well, we wouldn't be on the blog blabbing it all over before we talked to a good lawyer and a financial investment firm - I can tell you that!  Remember, look at the date of the post.  April Fools!

All this Mega Millions talk did make us realize a few things this week.  We woke up Saturday morning feeling like we had won.  We have a great job that challenges us every day.  We have friends that we can count on whether we things are up or down.  And we have a great family that reminds us to be thankful for every day we have.  So, I guess you can call us winners!

But, back to reality...  Our Weekly Photography Challenge led us to the letter 'M'.  In this case, 'M' is for Meadowlark.  The Western Meadowlark, or to be more exact - sturnella neglecta.  The adults have yellow underparts, with a black "V" on the breast, and white flanks which are streaked with black.  They are a heavy bodied bird with a short tail and white outer tail feathers.

Commonly found in meadows, pastures, or open country, this bird sings like the larks of Europe.  It is best known for it's wonderful flute-like warbled song.

These birds are a member of the blackbird family and are often found perching on fence posts.  When approached, they quickly dive into the tall grass to hide.  They are found in the western two-thirds of the Dakotas.

We hope you enjoyed our little April Fool's joke but more importanly, enjoyed the Meadowlark photographs.  We don't call ourselves a 'bird photographers' but we watch the sides of the roads, fencelines, and trees for birds as we meander through the Black Hills of South Dakota.

If you have any 'M' photographs for this weekly challenge to share, just put the link to your photograph in a comment below to share with all of our readers.  Join us next week for the challenge to find a photograph with something in it starting with the letter 'N'.  And while you are at it, join us on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ , or sneak a peek at our own photography on Dakota Visions Photography, LLC. Until next time, we'll see you behind the lens...

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  1. Hopefully you will win MegaMillions weekly photography challenge. Your work is just wonderful.

    1. Thank you, for your kind comment! We regretfully have to inform all those wishing to join us in Hawaii...we did not win the MegaMillions jackpot! Nope - not even a cent! We will keep trying to churn out quality work though in our photography challenge. Hope you enjoy your time with us Philadelphia Wedding Photographer and maybe even join us in our challenges! Stop back often. See you behind the lens...


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