Tuesday, March 6, 2012

T4T: Two for Tuesday - NEW feature!

We are launching a new feature called Two for Tuesday, or T4T for short!  We will be featuring two websites on Tuesday that we think you should spend some time getting to know.  Check out their link, and don't forget to stop back as they add new work.  We think they are doing some pretty amazing things!

We'll feature one website that is a portfolio/gallery type website with amazing pictures that we think capture the essence of photography.  For the second website, we'll feature a blog that may be just getting started with some amazing photography, has some great tips & tutorials, or we think just has a good slant on the world of photography.  No long list of websites - just good photography that you can focus on. 

And we don't get paid to place anyone on here, but for each website featured we have written permission from the owners to use a screenshot with the article to peek your interest!  We are the selection team, the judge, and the final say.  If you have a site you think we should feature, stop over to our Dakota Visions contact page and leave us a note.  We'll be glad to look at any site, but only a two will survive the final cut for T4T!  So let's get started...

Featuring landscape and nature photos from their travels, this Orange County couple has really caught our eye.  They state, "photography is an art of observation and it's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place" and then they turn it into an amazing piece of art.  We especially enjoyed Phuong's landscape gallery. 


His slogan is "striving to take a better photo than I did last week" and we think he is conquering that task.  Tim started his serious photography in 2008 and moved to HDR photography in 2010.  He admits he's still learning, and wanting to try new things - that's why we like this site.  It's fresh - not commercialized, it's creating a new perspective to look at the ordinary things in life, and it's someone who has found his passion and is pursuing it!  Good luck, Tim!  We'll definitely be watching...


Well, that's how this is going to work.  We'll give you a few hints about some great sites to stop by and we'll hope you take the chance to link to them, give them a like, or just write a comment on something that you saw that stopped you in your tracks. 

Leave a comment below if you enjoyed these sites or have others for us to watch.  Sign up for our feed or give us a 'Like' on Facebook to follow.  We'll see you behind the lens...

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