Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who Shot the Photographer?

This infographic from Imagebrief takes a look at the cruel, tough world of being a stock photographer.  Imagebrief has created a site for creative image seekers to be matched up with creative photographers, hand selected to meet the needs of their clients.  They have also tried to raise the bar for photographers share of revenue.  But let's dive into the real question here - who shot the photographer?

The expense barrier to purchasing quality cameras is almost non-existent anymore.  There are roughly 3,000,000 aspiring, part-time, and full-time photographers in the world.  And that doesn't even count everyone with a cell-phone camera filling the internet with images.  The marketplace is flooded with images.  Five of the largest stock photography sites contain approximately 90 million photographs.

Is photography dead as we once knew it?  Digital cameras have saturated (pardon the pun) the market with over 85% of households now containing at least one digital camera.  With the median income for shooting microstock falling around the $4,000 a year category, there isn't any room for profit unless a photographer has diversified their income stream.

So we would like to hear from you.  Is the photographer dead?  Are professional images of quality, part-time or full-time photographers left out in the cold when everyone has an iPhone or Android phone in their pocket taking snapshots?  Would you encourage your son or daughter to become a photographer?  Please leave a comment below - we'd like to hear what you think.

Who shot the photographer?
By alyssa_george.  Infographic image courtesy of Visually and Imagebrief.

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