Monday, September 30, 2013

Google+ Dimensions Cheat Sheet: Infographic

Google+ just keeps getting better and better for photographers to show off their finest pieces of art.  Starting September 25th, and thanks to Nik Photography/Snapseed, Google+'s RAW-to-JPEG conversion is now significantly improved.  RAW images from more than 70 different cameras can now be uploaded, and they are adding in additional models over time.

Try uploading your own RAW image, and let us know what you think of the new feature.  From there you can edit the JPEG copy as much as you'd like with the new Google+ editor (, and download the original RAW file whenever you want.  Is this possibly a replacement, or at least a wrench in the wheels for Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud?  Stay tuned, and we'll provide more information as questions are clarified about this new use of Google+.

For now, it's every photographers dream to be able to show their full sized images on social media.  So here is your opportunity to take full advantage of every pixel on Google+.  This handy infographic acts as a speedy reference for image dimensions for Google+ pages and Google+ Local pages.

Google+ Dimensions Cheat Sheet Infographic from SYBTL & Dakota Visions Photography
[ Source TechWyse Internet Marketing ]

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