Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Setting Up Your Creative Cloud Membership on Multiple Computers

We live in a multi-computer generation where people have desktops, laptops, and tablets. So how do you load your Adobe® Creative Cloud membership on multiple computers?  

Or in my specific case which prompted this blog post, when you have to replace one of those computers (whom the computer gods decided to taketh away), and you did not have the chance to deactivate the Adobe Creative Cloud membership on one of the two computers, how to get it on your replacement laptop? 

This video by Adobe TV will teach you how to set up your Creative Cloud account, download, and install your applications on a primary and secondary computer. And, if your computer is lost or stolen or you simply buy a new computer, this video will also show you how easy it is to deactivate your Creative Cloud account on one system and activate it on another.

Credit for Video Embed: Adobe® TV

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