Tuesday, April 3, 2012

T4T: Light and Liquid

Two for Tuesday - our time to pass along the two websites that caught our attention this week. We hope you enjoy these links and encourage you to visit these sites.  We thought these two sites paired up very well - with light and liquid.

As always, we have written permission to post and take a screen shot of these websites from the owners. So onto the picks - here is our Two for Tuesday sites for you to futz around with tonight...

Portfolio/Gallery - Karen Hutton & Life is Light Photography

Karen Huttong & Life is Light Photography - http://www.karenhuttonphotography.com/

Just hearing the name of her photography studio, visions of what design elements are important to Karen in her photography begin to flow easily through your mind.  And you won't be disappointed.  Karen's galleries range from the Old & West to the stark, haunting images of Dark & Light.  But our favorites are found in her Earth & Sky gallery. 

Maybe, if you could hear Karen tell the stories of her pictures in her own voice, you might recognize her voice-over talents, as well - like the guide on Trey Ratcliff's 'Stuck on Earth' app.  But we are extremely glad she takes photographs too!  We would be remiss in not mentioning Karen's statement on her website that, "The way I see it, our individual signature - our 'voice' - connects us. ... And with a little light, don't you know...anything is possible!"  Great job, Karen!

Photography Blog - Alex Koloskov & AKEL Studio

Alex Koloskov & AKEL Studio - http://www.akelstudio.com/blog/
The blogs slogan is "Technical Secrets of Studio Photography - We don't hold anything back."  And WOW are they right!  In our weekly photography challenge, we wanted to try one of those liquid splash captures that you see on many product advertisements, but we didn't know how to even begin.  In our research online and on Google+ we came across Alex's website and were amazed at the detail that Alex and his guests go into.  From lighting setups to the setup of liquids to post processing techniques - they are all covered in this blog.  While very few of us have contracts with Coke or Godiva, learning more about our cameras, lighting, and processing techniques helps us all with our own style of photography.  (Check out this amazing tutorial on the Godiva shot from Alex.)

Even as a nature and landscape photographer, I would love to capture that drop of water coming off the last remaining icicle on a crystal clear lake and the ensuing splash.  With Alex's help, you will learn techniques and tips from the pros.  Hopefully you have lots of time on your hands when you enter this blog, because you are going to need it!  Hats off to Alex on putting together a phenomenal blog that really doesn't hold anything back.

These are our picks for this T4T Tuesday post! We hope you enjoyed the sites that we've found for you and spend some time this week getting to know them. Stop by their sites, add them to your Google+ circles, or give them a like on Facebook. Spread the word about the great sites that are out there just waiting to be found...

And while you are at it, join us on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ , or sneak a peek at our own photography on Dakota Visions Photography, LLC. Until next time, we'll see you behind the lens...

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