Saturday, June 14, 2014

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post IV: Images

This is the fourth infographic in the "Secrets of a Killer Blog Post" series. See the other stories here:

The Latest from Dakota Visions: Secrets of a Killer Blog Post IV - Images #Infographic

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post: Images [Infographic]

You already know that the key to a killer blog post is fully researched, high-quality content. But don't discount the importance of a strong visual element when composing your blog posts.

The appearance of your blog post can make or break the experience for your readers. Your original, high-quality, and well composed photo can affect whether or not your readers will continue reading your blog post. And don't forget that you will need to have a good understanding of permissions, image licences, and copyright issues.

Taking the time to add the right image can make all the difference in the world. Using high-quality, relevant, and properly licensed images can help your posts convert into readers, followers, and new clients! When you are ready to publish your next killer blog post, don't forget to check out these four great infographics - including Secrets of a Killer Blog Post IV: Images.

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post IV: Images [Infographic]
Source: WhoIsHostingThis?

Infographic Source: Who Is Hosting This

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