Tuesday, June 26, 2012

T4T: AstroArn and Farbspiel

Two for Tuesday - our time to pass along the two websites that caught our attention this week. We hope you enjoy these links and encourage you to visit these sites. So onto the picks - here is our Two for Tuesday sites for you to lounge around with on this fine Tuesday...

Portfolio/Gallery - AstroArn Photography by Robert Arn

AstroArn Photography - http://www.astroarn.com/home

Living in the country, like we do, there are many nights we spend watching the stars and staring up into the dark sky playing amateur astronomer.  So to see a whole website combining astronomy with photography, we were absolutely thrilled!  Robert Arn is an astronomer, photographer, and mathematician who now churns out his own type of astrophotography, he calls "Nightscape Photography."

Obviously, he prefaces his work stating that with this type of photography, there is always going to be processing and image combinations to achieve the final product.  And they are amazing pieces of work.  We encourage you to roam around within his galleries checking out what we miss with the naked eye in the midnight sky.

Don't forget to check out his Books & Tutorials page.  It is one thing to gaze in wonderment at some else's photographs, but a totally different wonderment in creating those images ones self.  Robert's "Photography at Night: An Introduction to Astrophotography on a Budget" e-book and tutorials will help you along your way to creating your own "Nightscape Photography."  Robert, we've purchased and are reading up - we hope to try this type of photography soon!  Thanks and keep up the great work.  We can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next...

Photography Blog - Farbspiel Photography - View. Learn. Connect.

Farbspiel Photography by Klauss Herrmann - http://farbspiel-photo.com/

Klaus Herrmann specializes in High Dynamic Range (HDR), panorama, and vertorama photography.  You say, what is vertorama?  This type of photography consists of multiple exposures that cover the scene in a vertical direction and then stitched into a single image.  In fact, a great tutorial can be found here: Taking Interior HDR Vertorma Shots

And you will find many more tutorials like that on Klaus' blog.  Farbspiel Photography has had a solid background in providing "text-based recipes or tutorials" but now have moved into making video-based tutorials including their own You-Tube channel. 

Hopefully you'll take the time to review all the different tutorials and HDR recipes provided by Farbspiel Photography, but we encourage you to at least take the opportunity to read: 21 HDR Photography Myths Busted.  I like Klaus' take on the best way to learn, is to debunk some myths about a subject.  We are looking forward to following more of Klaus on video!

These are our picks for this T4T Tuesday post! We hope you enjoyed the sites that we've found for you and spend some time this week getting to know them. Stop by their sites, add them to your Google+ circles, or give them a like on Facebook. Spread the word about the great work that is out there just waiting to be found...

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