Tuesday, June 5, 2012

T4T: Adamski & Improve Photography

Two for Tuesday - our time to pass along the two websites that caught our attention this week. We hope you enjoy these links and encourage you to visit these sites. So onto the picks - here is our Two for Tuesday sites for you to mosey around with on this fine Tuesday...

Portfolio/GalleryJosh Adamski

Adamski Improve Photography by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
Josh Adamski - http://500px.com/josh23

Part digital fine art, part photography, part abstraction - all beautiful.  That is the best description that I've come up with for Josh Adamski.  The digital manipulation on a lot of his work ties directly into the composition; and sometimes, blurs the line between photograph and digital manipulation. 

Enlightenment and Goldfinch originally caught our eyes, and we were compelled to keep looking, and looking, and looking...  This British born photographer now lives near the beach in Israel, so a lot of his photographs include moving water or images of the beach.  With the photomanipulation artfully applied, these images take on almost a surreal, calming quality. 

Josh quotes Ansel Adams on his digital web presence, "A true photograph need not be explained, not can it be contained in words."  While I'm sure Ansel was not describing digital fine art photographic manipulation, these sure are fitting words for Josh's work.  Josh, we can't wait to see your next works!

Photography Blog - Improve Photography by Jim Harmer

Adamski Improve Photography by Dakota Visions Photography LLC
Improve Photography - http://improvephotography.com/

Jim Harmer gave up his career as an attorney to help photographers around the world improve their photography skills.  What we love about ImprovePhotography.com is the site is not just about landscape photography, nor portrait photography, but about photography itself.  It contains the nuts and bolts, with a little humor splashed in just for fun.  (Check out, "You Might Be a Photographer If...")

Jim's articles run from "22 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography Forever" to "13 Things your Camera Wishes You Knew."  The website has basic photography, the business of photography, lighting, post-processing, and landscape/portrait photography articles available.  If you can't find it here, you are not going to find it anywhere! 

Check out the ImprovePhotography.com online photo classes and e-books, too.  And last but not least, we wanted to provide a two-for-one special tonight!  Jim also has a sister website entitled, Be A Pro Photographer with great business articles and the Be A Pro Photographer Show webinar.  This site helps those who are beginning to earn money from their photography.  Keep up the great work, Jim, and we can't wait to watch another webinar!

These are our picks for this T4T Tuesday post! We hope you enjoyed the sites that we've found for you and spend some time this week getting to know them. Stop by their sites, add them to your Google+ circles, or give them a like on Facebook. Spread the word about the great work that is out there just waiting to be found...

And while you are at it, join us on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ , or sneak a peek at our own photography on Dakota Visions Photography, LLC. Until next time, we'll see you behind the lens...

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