Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Photography Challenge: 'C' - Church

One of the last things that you will see me doing is taking architecture photography.  In fact, just because getting the camera out in the urban landscape is difficult for me, this was the perfect challenge.  This week was about getting out of my comfort zone and finding something interesting associated with a church to intepret the letter 'C'. 

The weather has been nothing but dreariness filled with clouds this week, so the photograph had to be of something bold to overtake the dark skies.  After bombing out at a local tourist attraction of a Scandinavian church that is closed until May of 2012, I was about to give up and go for my familiar Canadian geese.  But, I stuck to my guns and followed up on a church that I have noticed in the past.  I continually end up driving by it with my face planted on the vehicle dash looking up to the spherical shape topped with a cross.

Church Cross by Dakota Visions Photography LLC

This week's photography challenge has reminded me that taking micro shots of a macro subject can bring out some very interesting photographs.  Another item that I have been reminded of is that you always need to keep notes.  (You know, they make an app for that!)  Luckily I remembered the location of this church, but take notes anyway.  During a summer sunset when the clouds are light and puffy with that deep burning sunset glowing off the cross - you might just find me at this church again.  (Now that I have notes and parking spots located to catch the cross against the pure sky.  Just notice how much location can change the photograph - not only the shot itself, but the light as well.)

Church Cross by Dakota Visions Photography LLC

Next week's photography challenge is the letter 'D'. We've already started thinking about what to do to get out of our 'photographic box' for next week's challenge. Will it be a dog, depth of field, or possibly a David?

Don't forget that if you want to share your photographs from your own weekly challenge with the letter 'C', just include the link to your web gallery in the comments box below (Flickr, Picassa, or others).

We hope you enjoy, and See You Behind the Lens...


  1. nice page Ill send you some shots from Langley BC Canda

    1. Thanks rskstar! Can't wait to see some of your work...


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