Monday, September 1, 2014

Create Actions in Photoshop Using the Perfect Photo Suite

As you know, Perfect Photo Suite by onOne Software is one of our tools for creating great photographs along with interesting design elements. Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop CC + Lightroom is another one of the tools we use consistenly every day, especially when creating design artwork. But did you know you can easily combine the two together?

Creating actions in Adobe Photoshop CC can save you time by allowing you to apply multiple effects to a single image. You can include the Perfect Photo Suite into an action, saving even more time when processing your photos. In this onOne Software training video, watch Liz LePage walk through this easy technique, showing how you can quickly create a Perfect Effects preset and apply it to open photos in Photoshop.

Create Actions in Photoshop Using the Perfect Photo Suite
by Liz LePage 

If you are unable to view the video in your browser, the direct YouTube link is:
Source: onOne Software

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