Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mt. Rushmore: Shining Out of the Darkness

Shining out of the darkness... Just what the hell does that mean?  Some of you may think I've lost my mind, but just hold on and read the rest of the story.

Let's start telling the story from an early spring evening while we were eating in one of the year-round restaurants in Keystone, SD.  While eating, I couldn't help but overhear a vacationing family making a stop to see Mt. Rushmore.  (Note: They were the only other customers in the restaurant - it's not like I was trying to eavesdrop.)  They were talking excitedly about getting up at dawn to view Mt. Rushmore, and then getting on their way to Denver.

I knew it, the waiter knew was the worst mistake they could make in visiting Mt. Rushmore.  So I had to stop and tell them on the way out the door.

There is nothing more beautiful than the founding father's faces light up by the bright, shining lights after sunset.  There is something more visceral in this view - something more powerful, and even a little seductive.  You can almost see the hand tool marks of all those men as they scraped away the final 6 inches of stone after drilling holes through it.  Scrape, by scrape - piece by piece, rock by rock.

Of course, don't forget to see it in the daylight and enjoy the many wonders of the monument.  But don't rule out the light in the darkness.  It may just surprise you.  Seeing those state flags and Old Glory light up as the faces shine out of the darkness, still bring me chills, after all these years.

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