Thursday, December 15, 2011

December, 2011: Artist of Interest

Bear Rock Woodwork Studio

Sometimes you see things that may be out of your own personal artistic realm, but appreciate the beauty, hard work and artistry of it. As we continue to grow the Dakota Visions Photography conversation online, we want share those South Dakota "homegrown" artists.

Jerry Green, of Bear Rock Woodwork Studio (link to their Facebook page), is the 2011 Artist of Interest for December.  His wood creations are truly pieces of art.  

From the Bear Rock Facebook page...  "After retiring, Jerry devoted his time to become as much a master of using a lathe with wood, as he was already a master with a lathe and steel. In recent years, he has discovered and continues to explore the mystery and attraction of the vessel form. While continuing to use wood as his medium, he studies the work of both ancient and contemporary clay artists for inspiration. However, unlike the potter who builds up a vessel with clay, Jerry reverses the process, revealing the art within a piece of wood by peeling away the layers a bit at a time.

His work has been seen in “American Craft” magazine, Western Heritage Center, Prairie Edge, Blue Dog, Dakota Nature and Art, and Arroyo galleries and is in many private collections around the country. Jerry’s work continues to evolve as he explores new techniques. But no matter what direction his work takes him, he strives to always bring a love of form and wonderment to his work."

Take some time and view some of Jerry's work online or in one of the fine Black Hills galleries that support his work.  Personally, I enjoy his wood basket series - absolutely amazing.  Not only is Jerry a fantastic artist, but he and his family are well worth getting to know.  I feel privileged to call them friends.

Congratulations, Jerry! 

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